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Internal linking of products

Use case

Make sure that all available products are linked internally.

The listing of products in online shops is usually a complicated process with different systems (shop, PIM, logistics, etc.). Sometimes, problems can arise when products are not correctly listed or are placed in a non-visible category, and so can only be reached via search.

To avoid this, it should be ensured that all known products are linked internally in a category.

This is how we can help

We regularly match which products are linked internally and which are not, for example, based on a product feed. In addition, advanced analyses can be carried out using the product data, such as:

  • Which products have a poor click-through rate (CTR)?
  • Are there any product pages that are not listed in the feed?
  • Product relevance information in the feed can be used to check whether someone can reach the relevant products within a few clicks.
  • Do the products have individual images or are standard images displayed?
  • Are the products listed in the correct brand category?