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Individual SEO service for your in-house team

Our SEO data tool is not just a software. We also support you in person if you have specific questions, and are keen to broaden your in-house team’s know-how with our competency as experienced SEO analysts.

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Personal SEO support additionally to our data service

We can help you in personal calls should you have special data needs for specific SEO issues or similar problems. You are also welcome to contact us directly should you have any questions.

Individual data generation for your SEO topics

You have a specific SEO question that could be tackled with the help of data? We will help you solve it. This could mean data from crawlings of your website, your competition, of search volume, Serp, Google Maps, Google Trends data, data feeds, Adwords data and many more.

Personal help with complicated SEO topics

If it is getting complicated – get help from our experienced SEO analysts.
We are here to help and supplement your know-how.

The searchVIU SEO service offers you…

  • Individually created data collections and analyses
  • Access to external SEO data know-how
  • Personal support with specific questions and problems

Companies who have been
successfully supported by searchVIU

Shall we have a look at how we can improve your SEO performance?

searchVIU is no one size fits all solution. That is why it is crucial, that we chat first and check, what we can do specifically for you.

  • 1. Fill in the form on the right.
  • 2. In the next step, choose an appointment for a first consultation (Get to know us & evaluate goals).
  • 3. We will then get back to you to plan your test project.

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