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Website change detection & smart alerts for in-house teams

Our automated website change detection allows you to…

  • Trust 100% that you will be notified about relevant changes to your website
  • React quickly and ensure your website’s best SEO-performance
  • Continually improve your website
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Smart alerts in case of unwanted website changes

We use machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies in the data, so you can rely on receiving alerts about relevant changes.

Website alerts only for important changes

In order not to spam in-house teams with irrelevant notifications, you will only receive alerts about changes that are actually important. This way you can keep track of everything without being overloaded by a flood of information.

React quickly and prevent losses

The intelligent alerts allow you and your team to immediately react to changes and thus to avoid ranking losses. This way you can assure your shop’s quality – easily and stress-free!

The searchVIU website change detection allows you to…

  • Keep track of unwanted website changes
  • Continually assure your website’s SEO performance
  • React quickly when pages are renamed or dropped
  • Stay on top of all changes without being spammed with alerts

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