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SEO reports for in-house SEOs

We have developed a solution that we wished we had in our own time as in-house SEOs. What can it do?

  • All relevant data in one source – create individual analyses and reports
  • Easily filter the most relevant information from the wealth of SEO data
  • Create effective SEO processes with the help of these data
  • Employ your teams limited resources for maximum success
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Individual SEO reports tailored to your goals

Not one online shop or website is like another. That is why we have specialized in the facilitation of creating SEO reporting that can be adjusted to the individual needs of your business. We create individual reports specifically for you, so that you and your team can invest your time into measures for improving your website.

Clearly arranged SEO reports for your in-house goals

Our reports contain, among other things, individual dashboards that are tailored to suit the respective stakeholders, and that contain exactly the KPI targets relevant for your in-house team. Individual data and reports can be shared with other departments and help them to optimize the product range or the contents.

Automated SEO reports

In order for you and your team to save maximal time, reports can be generated and sent automatically. This ensures that SEO problems are discovered quickly and that you can determine the success of measures implemented for existing SEO challenges.

Choosing the searchVIU SEO reports will get you…

  • Reports with relevant SEO KPIs
  • Different degrees of detail for various stakeholders
  • Regular automated reports
  • Data to exchange between SEO and SEA

Google data studio – maximum flexibility & customizability

Every website is different. That’s why we take care to create a custom interface and data preparation that meets your individual needs. Data studio offers such flexibility.


Our templates offer extensive insights into your data and simplify getting into the analysis


We will work together creating the individual reports with you and then support you at customizing it further.


The data will be set up with individual filters and segments, in order for the reports to offer the best access to quick understanding and optimum benefit.

Individual reports

We are happy to create individual reports for specific questions and evaluations.

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Shall we have a look at how we can improve your SEO performance?

searchVIU is no one size fits all solution. That is why it is crucial, that we chat first and check, what we can do specifically for you.

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