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Mobile-First Indexing

Use case

Make sure your mobile website is at least as well optimised for Google as the desktop version.

Many websites are already indexed “Mobile-First” by Google. Websites that are not responsive but adaptive are sometimes still in the process of being converted. Currently, Google wants to switch all websites to the Mobile-First Index by March 2021 at the latest. Until then, all websites should be set up at least as well as they are on the desktop.

Even with responsive pages, however, links or content for Google can only be available on the desktop version.

It should be ensured that all content for Google that is available on desktop is also optimally set up for mobile-first indexing.

This is how we can help

To ensure that the mobile website is just as well-positioned as the desktop website, we crawl the desktop and mobile website and compare the most important SEO factors:

  • Are the relevant keywords available?
  • Is all content accessible via mobile?
  • Are there any pages not linked to mobile devices or that are structurally worse off?
  • Are there any technical differences between the two website variants (e.g. Canonical Tag, Robots Tag, Title Tag, etc.)?