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SEO Tool for
Website Migrations

A website migration can harm your SEO performance in many ways

When a website is migrated, relaunched or redesigned, a lot can go wrong, for example (hover over data points for more information):

Seo Performance Graph
Losing (long tail) traffic due to removed content
Worse rankings due to changes to internal linking
Missing keywords in title tags or text on page
Indexing problems due to faulty or missing redirects

searchVIU helps you make sure the above doesn’t happen to you

Our tool automatically checks important SEO factors for a successful website migration and gives you additional security


Crawls and compares your LIVE and DEV website

Highlights changes that might have a negative impact on your SEO performance

pie chart
prioritises task

Prioritises tasks with the help of imported Google Analytics and Search Console Data

Shows your progress every time you improve your DEV website and run a new DEV crawl

progress graph

Save time so you can focus on creating a great new website!

With the LIVE and DEV crawl data and the imports from GA and GSC, searchVIU predicts the performance of your new website

searchVIU finds a matching URL for each LIVE URL on your DEV website

This matching can be used for an automic redirect mapping (huge time saver)

We detect important missing content, keywords and internal links on DEV

live and dev crawl

We detect important missing content, keywords and internal links on DEV

SEMY Award Winner 2018 (Category: SEO Software Innovation)