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Website monitoring for in-house SEOs

Our customized SEO tool lets you easily keep track of all changes to your website!

  • SEO quality control – get your data edited to suit your specific needs
  • Find errors immediately thanks to automated crawlings and comparisons
  • Employ the crawl history to draw conclusions about your sites performance development
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SEO quality control due to clever website monitoring

We know that every website is different. That’s why we do not offer a “one size fits all”-solution. Instead, we have created a tool which we tailor to your individual needs. Our SEO tool provides you with insights that allow you to quickly spot changes to your website and react quickly. So while you are saving time, you are also making sure to always keep an eye on all website changes and activities.

Website monitoring per automated crawl comparison

The automated crawl comparison not only lets you retrace changes, but also uncovers hidden potentials. So while assuring your website’s quality at all times, you also get useful information that helps you boost your sales.

Retrace changes even over long periods of time thanks to the recorded website history

Our clever SEO tool provides you with results for every single page and saves them. This allows you to understand which changes led to performance changes and helps you to continually improve your website.

The searchVIU website monitoring tool allows you to…

  • Uncover new and existing SEO challenges
  • Monitor and assess implemented SEO optimizations
  • Evaluate the effects past website changes had on the performance
  • Inspect the work of other teams and external service providers
  • Save time and boost your sales

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searchVIU is no one size fits all solution. That is why it is crucial, that we chat first and check, what we can do specifically for you.

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