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Website migration SEO:

Maximize your SEO performance when migrating your website!

Our complete website migration checklist offers you to:

  • Follow a guide with 55 steps covering all important aspects of your migration
  • Check comprehensive explanations of all sub-items of the checklist
  • Find tips and links to articles with more info on related topics

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Protect your SEO performance during your website migration

We hope that our website relaunch checklist can help you to carry out your migration or relaunch smoothly and with as little loss of traffic as possible. Thanks to the comprehensive checklist and the individual points, you have a tool at hand with which you can easily plan and execute your website relaunch.

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Plan & keep track

A website relaunch is usually a very complex project involving various stakeholders from different departments, teams and external agencies. With a comprehensive project plan, you make sure that all your SEO items get done with the priority they deserve.

Minimize risks

Website migrations, redesigns, and relaunches can be risky – from ranking losses to entire parts of your site disappearing. If you can check off all the items on this list, you stand a good chance of completing your redesign or relaunch with minimal risk.

Avoid mistakes

No matter how important the relaunch is taken in your company, the resources and the budget are always limited. Avoiding mistakes or finding them quickly will help you to successfully carry out your relaunch within your possibilities.

Save time

To find errors quickly, it’s good to know where to look. With our checklist, you can make sure you don’t miss anything and can quickly fix sources of error.

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The complete website migration checklist

Our checklist contains:

  • 55 steps to follow for your website migration
  • Tips and links to further information
  • All important topics around website relaunch SEO in one document

Sounds good? Simply fill out the form and receive the checklist free of charge.

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