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This is how searchVIU makes SEO professionals happy:

Automatic redirect recommendations for website migrations

searchVIU crawls your LIVE website and the DEV environment of your new website and automatically matches your old and new URLs. No more manual matching of URLs for 301 redirects!

Crawl your LIVE and DEV website with full JavaScript rendering

Our modern cloud architecture allows efficient crawling of your LIVE website and DEV environment – even for very big websites. Including JavaScript rendering and mobile first crawling!

Peace of mind for website relaunches and releases

searchVIU compares your LIVE website and your DEV website before every relaunch or release. If there are any problems with your new version that might cause a loss of visibility and traffic, you will know.

A new level of SEO quality assurance

Before every release, searchVIU checks all factors that are relevant to your SEO performance. No more visibility and traffic losses due to unintentional website changes!

Time savings through automated SEO processes

searchVIU will do most of the dirty work for you while you can focus on more important things. No more manual testing or digging through massive spreadsheets!

Who is behind this?

Eoghan Henn


Eoghan Henn is responsible for searchVIU’s marketing. Before joining searchVIU, he worked as an SEO consultant and built a reputation as a blogger and conference speaker.

Michael Weber


Michael Weber is the founder and lead developer of searchVIU. He started his SEO career in 2001 and has gathered experience as an in-house SEO and as a consultant in an agency.

Ana Cidre

Frontend Developer & Lead Designer

Ana Cidre is the creator and guardian of our unicorn. Besides that, she is also responsible for searchVIU’s overall visual appearance and supports the development of the tool.

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June 5, 2018 in SEO experiments

JavaScript SEO surprise! Google DOES use JS-injected canonical tags.

At I/O 2018, Google announced that they didn’t use canonical tags that can only be found in the rendered HTML and not in the HTML source document. Our test results suggest that this statement was not true.

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May 7, 2018 in SEO for website relaunches

Migrating from ccTLDs to a gTLD – The WHY, the HOW, and the WTF

This article highlights when and why it might make sense to move from a multi-ccTLD approach to a single-gTLD strategy, by looking at a case study and the SEO theory behind the topic. It also features technical advice for the migration itself and opinions from international SEO experts.

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