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JavaScript & SEO
December 16, 2020

JavaScript Crawling Study: Rendered vs. Non-Rendered HTML

We crawled over 200 domains, including all URLs linked from their homepages and the homepages themselves, and examined the differences between the rendered and non-rendered HTML on every page. You can find a summary of the results and some detailed examples in this post. At the end of the article, you can also access the…
JavaScript & SEO
December 11, 2020

Service Worker – What SEOs Need to Know

What are "service workers" and how do they work? A service worker is a Javascript process that runs in the browser background. The service worker runs in the background and acts as a kind of proxy between the website and the Internet and can intercept and manipulate network requests. Service workers have (almost) "only" influence…
Website migration SEO
October 3, 2019

Testing redirects before and after a website migration

Among all of the factors you have to consider when migrating a website, your URL redirects are probably the single most important one. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about testing your redirects before and after a website migration.