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Always know what’s changing on the website

Hide already known errors. Initiate optimisation processes for new content. Recognise and check technical changes.





HTTP status changes

Which pages have been added or removed in the last week?

  • New pages / 2xx status codes
  • New 4xx / 5xx errors
  • Discarded pages (2xx became 4xx / 5xx)
  • New redirects
  • Externally linked pages that now return a 404 error

With the help of segmentation, simple QA processes for new categories, blog posts, etc. can be set up.

Changes in content

Where have there been changes in content that need to be checked?

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Content deleted or added
  • Relevant keywords no longer exist in content
  • Structured data deleted or added
  • etc.

You can also activate change tracking for extracted content (e.g. breadcrumb trail navigation or availability of products).

Technical changes

Check of the most important technical changes, including:

  • Canonical tag goals
  • Meta Robots Tag
  • Blocked by robots.txt
  • Redirects

The segmentation provides a quick overview of the changes.

Structural changes

If the website structure changes, the effects usually only become noticeable very late in the traffic or sales figures. searchVIU helps you to quickly recognise, among other things, the following changes in the structure:

  • Pages that have moved backwards in the internal link structure
  • Pages that are suddenly no longer linked internally
  • New pages that are not linked internally are recognised (e.g. through traffic in GSC or through external links)

Of course, a general analysis of the page structure is also possible at any time.