SEO data for a better performance – increase traffic and sales!

Here is what the smart SEO solution by searchVIU can offer:

  • Get relevant insights and findings which will help you optimize your online shop
  • Have a complete monitoring tool for your website that makes sure you always know what is going on
  • Regular crawls help you find errors and important changes

Sounds good? Then we are looking forward to chatting with you directly in order to find out, how our solutions can help your business!

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Find out about the advantages searchVIU can offer for your business

We are focussing entirely on data collection and data analysis for search engine optimization. And that is why we are really good at it. When we support your organization, you can expect to benefit from many advantages that will promote your online presence significantly.

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Insights for immediate action

searchVIU will provide you with data that you can use and implement immediately to improve the performance of your shop, like finding new content, optimizing existing content or improving shop categories to name a few.

Save time with “crawling as a service”

It is rather annoying to have to wait for the crawl in order to get the data you need.  With searchVIU you ALWAYS have up to date crawl data, and you don’t need to bother yourself with complicated crawling settings.

SEO quality assurance

The automated crawl comparison allows you to immediately find potential errors and to react timely. And thanks to the website history you recognize how website changes influence the performance at a glance.

Avoid SEO losses

Always keep track of unintended website changes that could affect the SEO performance negatively. What’s extra special about searchVIU: You will only be alerted for significant changes.

Professional SEO support

searchVIU does not only supply you with reports and analyses, but also offers you advanced data support. Our experienced SEO analysts help you to extend your know-how and to evaluate your data expediently.

Clear SEO overview

With searchVIU you have the control at your fingertips: all SEO data in one place, complete overview of performance, status quo and changes – so you can act independently and flexibly.

This is how searchVIU works

SEO is a continuous process, and only if this process is planned out and executed accordingly, will it have the desired success. Let’s find out in 3 steps, how we can help you.

Step 1

Planning phase: Getting to know you
& evaluating goals

In order to be able to support you optimally with your search engine optimization, let’s begin with a chat. This is how we will find out, what kind of SEO data you need, what intricacies your site has, if you need a monitoring of your competitors and much more. The better we get to know you, the better we are able to support you.

Step 2

Setup phase: Website-Crawling, integration of data and reporting

The information collected in the planning phase will be used to set up an individual crawl for your website. On top of that we will integrate data sources like Google Search Console, Google analytics, backlink data as well as possibly Logfiles, Google Merchant Center, and more. As soon as all important data are integrated, we issue individual SEO reports.

Step 3

Putting theory into practice: Demonstration of a first monitoring and evaluation

After phases 1 and 3 we are good to go. Based on the findings from the planning and setup phases we will show you an example of how a first monitoring can look like, and we will evaluate the results with you. This demonstration doesn’t cost you a Cent, but will already provide you with important insights. Sio do not hesitate to make an appointment with us.

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Shall we have a look at how we can improve your SEO performance?

searchVIU is not a one size fits all solution. That’s why it is so important that we first talk and check, what it is precisely, that we can do for you.

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  • 3. We will then get back to you to plan your test project.

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