searchVIU’s pricing depends on the number of projects and URLs you need.

Our “All Features Pack” is EUR 349.- / month (EUR 199.- if you book now while our early adopters rate is still valid). It includes 1 project and 10.000 crawled URLs. Additional projects are EUR 5.- per project and additional URLs are EUR 5.- per 10.000 crawled URLs.

Please adjust the sliders below to calculate your monthly fee for searchVIU.

1. Number of projects


2. Number of URLs

0€* / month

(excl. Taxes)

*Including early adopters rate discount. The full monthly price would be EUR 0. You save EUR 150.- per month if you sign up now. This discount will remain valid for you as long as you don't cancel your subscription, even when the early adopters rate is no longer available.

You don’t know how many URLs you’ll need? Just try searchVIU for free and we’ll let you know.

After the first crawl of your website we will suggest a fixed monthly subscription fee per project based on the number of URLs we detect.

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Our pricing – Questions and answers

What does “All Features Pack” mean?

We only offer one package (EUR 349.- monthly / EUR 199.- monthly if you book now while our early adopters rate is still available) that contains all of searchVIU’s features:

1 project
10.000 crawled URLs
Unlimited DEV crawls
Weekly LIVE crawls
All features of searchVIU
Monthly subscription – cancel anytime

How much do additional projects cost?

Our “All Features Package” contains one project. If you need more projects, we charge EUR 5.- monthly per additional project. This results in a very low price per project if you work on lots of projects at the same time.

How much do additional URLs cost?

Our “All Features Package” contains 10.000 URLs. You can use this amount of URLs across several projects, if you’re working on several small websites. If your projects exceed the number of 10.000 URLs, you can book packs of 10.000 additional URLs for EUR 5.- monthly.

What is a project in searchVIU?

One project is normally one website. A website can consist of several domains or subdomains, for example international websites with several domains or corporate websites with a blog or a shop on a different subdomain. If you’re not sure about the best structure for your project, just get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.

How can I calculate the number of crawled URLs?

The number of crawled URLs is the number of URLs your LIVE website has – it doesn’t matter how many URLs your DEV website has. You can choose whether you want searchVIU to crawl your pages with a desktop or mobile user agent – or both. If you choose both, each URL will be counted twice.

If you’re still not sure how many URLs you need, don’t worry. Just request a free searchVIU trial account and we will let you know after your first LIVE crawl.

What does the fixed number of URLs per project mean?

We know that websites grow naturally, but we don’t want you to have to pay more every month or change your subscription regularly. This is why we crawl your LIVE website once during your free trial period to determine the number of URLs and we then “freeze” this number. This means that you will always pay the same for this project, as long as you don’t cancel your subscription and as long as your website doesn’t grow in an unusual way. Also, if the number of URLs on your website goes down, we will be happy to recalculate it for you.

I only need the tool for a short period of time. Can I subscribe for one month only?

Sure! You can cancel your subscription any time and only pay for one month. No strings attached.